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Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau is the highest land above the sea level on earth, and the main part is located in China with an average altitude of 4,000 meters, covering the regions of Western Sichuan, TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region), Qinghai, Yunnan, parts of Xinjiang and Gansu provinces. Essentially as the cradle of all of Asia's major rivers, the Plateau is the peak of the planet, so hailed as the "Third Pole". Compared with the north and south poles, the Third Pole is a land where many ethnic minorities are mainly inhabited with enormous socioecnomic and cultural diversity, endowed with rich natural resources and various local culture and customs that barely explored by the tourists.

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Small group with Big fun! We specialize in the featured small group tours to the best parts of Third Pole plateau. All of our group tour packages are small group with fixed departure date and non-shopping!

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The Third Pole on Earth is the paradise for outdoor activities. Let's see what are the most popular adventures and explore the best parts of this holy land with us.

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  • What An Unforgetable Trip to the Western Sichuan

    We were a team of 13 people who visited Kangding, Danba and Ma'erkang with 3rdpoletour.com. Our travel advisor who arranged the tour for our team was very efficient and our trip leader Alex was a very profissional and experienced ......more


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  • As a big fan of panda, I love this volunteer job

    Leon was very helpful to arrange a day volunteering for us and July, our travel guide was excellent. They took care of every little thing in our tour.

    The panda volunteer job started in the morning. ......more


    Reviewed 26 October , 2016


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